Charade Over, Republicans Stare Into the Abyss

Well that was fast.  The newly-minted Cruz/Fiorina ticket folded this evening after a double-digit drubbing in the Indiana primary. It was six days old. This leaves Donald Trump with an unobstructed path to the Republican nomination. It will not end the resistance to Trump’s candidacy by movement conservatives and elected Republicans who fear what a Trump nomination means to their agendas and their livelihoods, but it is a dramatic moment in Trump’s hostile takeover of the Republican Party. In the weeks and months to come we will get a better sense of how the divisions still boiling below the surface will play out. But it now appears that this most high profile of contests between conservatives and reactionaries will be won by the reactionaries, potentially leaving conservatives without a political home. It is a victory by an angry base over its party leadership, and there will be a lot to say about it in the days ahead.