Back Soon

So I’ve heard some things have happened since the last time I posted . . .

The process of revising two books—the longer being a 450,000 word government textbook—has taken more time than I anticipated, but both projects are coming to a close and I will be back shortly with some thoughts on the chaos around us and where we may be going as the Trump era makes its inauspicious debut. Specifically, in the coming weeks I plan to write about:

  • The core political problem that’s helping to prop up the Trump administration despite evidence of massive incompetence and disregard for the rule of law
  • The key cultural dilemma that underpins the political problem
  • How we can address the key cultural dilemma that underpins the core political problem
  • Legitimacy—and why it matters
  • Why it’s important to begin envisioning the future

And much more. To those self-described “sheeples” who have been asking me to post again, thank you for your patience. I’ll be back very soon.