Too Busy

It’s been well over two months since I last posted here—and that wasn’t by design. My day job has been keeping me unexpectedly busy while national events have moved so rapidly that a brief post here or there wouldn’t have been sufficient to keep up with our exhausting political reality show. Things are finally starting to quiet down at work, and I should soon be able to begin posting again on a more regular basis. But our politics is anything but calm. In the time since my last post in early October, the Mueller probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election reached deep into the Oval Office with indictments of former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and news that former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was cooperating with investigators. Republicans were destroyed in November’s off-off year elections in Virginia, New Jersey and smaller localities across the country, then rocked by defeat in this month’s Alabama special senate election. As the casual bellicosity of Trump’s rhetoric made nuclear conflict with North Korea imaginable, Republicans in congress scrambled in secret to pass tax legislation that is reviled by the public but demanded by their donors. We are one day away from the start of a year divisible by two, which means things are only going to heat up.

I’ll be back shortly with an assessment of where things stand as we enter what without hyperbole should be considered the most important election year of our lives.