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Trump in Two Acts: Now What? (Act II)

Caricature by DonkeyHotey A couple of days ago we tried to put the Trump phenomenon in perspective and understand how a celebrity figure with no obvious qualifications for the presidency could be on the verge of attaining the nomination of a major political party. We noted that Donald Trump had shrewdly appropriated the anger fomented by Republican leaders among economically and culturally … Read More

Trump in Two Acts: How it Happened (Act I)

Caricature by DonkeyHotey The lead political article in Monday’s New York Times attempts to explain how Donald Trump rushed in and stole Republican voters away from party elites while they were napping. To hear the Times explain it, Trump is succeeding because blue collar Republicans became “disenchanted” and “lost faith in the agenda of their party’s leaders,” who in turn had “lost touch” with ordinary … Read More

Bernie’s Long-Term Gift to the Republican Party

As expected, Bernie Sanders won overwhelming victories in yesterday’s caucuses in Washington state, Alaska and Hawaii, and, as expected, coverage of those victories was muted in comparison to the breathless way pre-March 15 contests were reported. As Sanders continues to lead the Democratic Party from behind, a meme is developing in some circles on the right that Bernie’s continued presence in the race … Read More

One Million People Voted Yesterday

Even if you follow politics closely, you could be forgiven for not realizing there were contests yesterday in Arizona, Utah and, for Democrats, Idaho. After the hype and fanfare of Super Tuesday, followed by the two sequels Super Tuesday II: The Michigan Surprise and Super Tuesday III: Hillary Fights Back, yesterday’s contests felt like an afterthought. Some of this, no doubt, … Read More

Obama Opts for Divide and Conquer

When Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell slammed the door on a Supreme Court replacement before it opened, Washington conventional wisdom coalesced around the expectation that President Obama would nominate a liberal jurist who could excite the Democratic Party base ahead of the upcoming election, then make the Senate’s failure to confirm his selection an issue in the fall. The logic of this approach … Read More

It’s the System, Stupid

Speaking Tuesday en route to victories in Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Illinois and Indiana, Hillary Clinton implored her supporters to “keep contributing” because “our campaign depends on small donations for the majority of its support.” She envisioned a future where young people will be able to “go to college without borrowing a dime for tuition” and promised to make sure that “Wall Street” … Read More

Republicans Go With Option B

John Kasich spoke at Villanova yesterday and I had the chance to see him in action.  He’s a good retail politician, and his easy nature played well with the partisan crowd. But the fact that he was in Pennsylvania just hours after winning the primary in his native Ohio says everything about why he is very, very unlikely to be the … Read More

Requiem for a Lightweight

Republican leaders did everything they could to prop up Marco Rubio. After Scott Walker flamed out early; after Rick Perry found he needed more than smart glasses to stage a second presidential run; after Bobby Jindal couldn’t even excite members of his immediate family; after Chris Christie got out-bullied; after the great legacy candidate Jeb Bush found it takes more than punctuation to … Read More

Ides of March

When the 2016 primary calendar was released, March 15 was a day you might have circled in red. It was designed to be the beginning of the end of the primary season, the day when the waning hopes of also-ran candidates would dissipate under the weight of electoral math. Iowa and New Hampshire would eliminate pretenders, South Carolina and Nevada would winnow … Read More

Can A Party Win Three Straight National Elections?

As the campaign season develops, we are likely to hear about how difficult it is for a political party to hold the White House for more than eight years and how this will give the eventual Republican nominee a tremendous advantage in the general election. Indeed, we are already hearing about predictive models that rely on assumptions about how voters … Read More

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