Paradigm Shift

Joe Biden wants to move the governing paradigm permanently to the left. Political conditions may make that possible.


We are about to face the most consequential confrontation of the post-Trump era, with democracy hanging in the balance.

Same Play, Different Era

Unified Republican opposition failed to stop the massive Covid relief bill and will not generate the political benefits of similar past efforts.

Situation Comity

Ronald Reagan and Tip'Oneill

Biden is defining the terms of unity in Washington. That’s different — and significant.

Liberation Day

  This is a dark moment. This is a time of celebration.  Our country suffers under the acute weight of a deadly plague made unnecessarily lethal and divisive by profound ineptitude, laziness and vengefulness. Tomorrow we will replace incompetence and sloth with energy and skill. We bear the burden of an economy torn apart by […]

Undermine Becomes Overthrow

A little history on how we arrived at the brink of a violent overthrow of a duly elected government.  At the start of what would come to be known as the Reagan era, Republicans had an electoral majority that developed out of a long stretch of economic stagnation and white pushback to the civil rights […]

First Draft of History

I started writing about the Georgia runoff and electoral vote certification three days ago for a piece I had planned to post on Thursday. Then the Capitol was attacked by right-wing insurrectionists at the direction of the president and it suddenly felt quaint to be talking about an election. As I was re-writing, the fallout […]


Late last year, I wrote about how the incoming administration needs to address three factors in order to maximize the possibility of avoiding a second wave of authoritarianism in the soon-to-be post-Trump world. I have already considered how important it will be for Biden to be adept at crisis management and attentive to institutional repair. The […]