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What Realignment Looks Like

Two items this weekend from the New York Times speak to the possibility that we are well along the road to a political realignment, a theme I have been writing about for a long time. First, a column by Frank Bruni describes Steve Bannon’s plan to destroy the Republican establishment if he is unable to reshape the party in his white nationalist … Read More

It’s Still A Change Election

I’d like to take a break from the ongoing Trump implosion and refocus for a minute on the fundamental forces shaping this election. Although the closing arguments of the campaign will be dominated by questions of basic human decency, we should remember that the primary political driver since early last year has been a cry for change. Dissatisfaction and disgust with politics as … Read More

What Democrats Should Do: Part II

Eight years ago, the economic meltdown gave Democrats control of the White House and Congress and an opportunity to govern in a more leftward direction for a brief two-year period. The resulting burst of government activism produced landmark legislation like the Affordable Care Act, the economic stimulus package and the auto industry bailout, although the imperative of addressing economic free-fall and … Read More

What Democrats Should Do: Part I

In Next Generation Netroots, Chris Bowers and I argue that our era of zero-sum politics is not sustainable and the country will eventually break free of its present dysfunction. But we are less certain of what might replace it or when things will change. When we completed the manuscript in 2015, Bernie Sanders hadn’t yet surfaced as a movement leader and Donald Trump was firing reality TV … Read More

DNC Day Three: Pitch Perfect

Forty-eight hours after Democrats threatened to tear themselves apart over lingering and meaningful rifts between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, the Democratic convention blossomed Wednesday into an exultant celebration of American democracy. While vocal pockets of dissent remain, the contrast between the two days was stunning. Wednesday’s session was boisterous, upbeat and fun, not to mention flawlessly managed and slickly produced. It was … Read More

DNC Day Two: Optics and Message

I didn’t attend the second day of the Democratic convention. This turned out to be fortuitous, because yesterday brought a dramatic change in optics best appreciated on television. As late as yesterday afternoon, questions remained about whether Democrats could nominate Hillary Clinton without sparking a rebellion by Sanders loyalists. Their solution was to choreograph a roll call of the states without showing the tally to … Read More

Scenes From the DNC: Day One

When you start a revolution you are going to attract revolutionaries. Some Sanders supporters at the Democratic convention are never going to be persuaded to support Hillary Clinton, even after Sanders himself delivered a passionate and heartfelt plea for unity that deftly wove his stump speech into an endorsement of the Clinton/Kaine ticket. But after several hours spent roaming the floor of the … Read More

Some Thoughts Before Leaving For the DNC

I’m about to leave for the Democratic convention, where I will be offering commentary for WPVI, Philadelphia’s channel 6 (cue the Action News theme). Before heading to the Wells Fargo Center, I wanted to note two things I’ll be watching while I’m there: Optics: The Republican Convention was riddled with divisions, symbolized by a defiant Ted Cruz refusing to endorse Donald … Read More

Manageable Risks and Potential Rewards

Lagging in the polls and facing a popular incumbent, Walter Mondale tapped Rep. Geraldine Ferraro to be his running mate in a bold move designed to upend the 1984 presidential race. Twenty-four years later, John McCain plucked Sarah Palin from obscurity and placed her on the ticket in an ill-fated bid to inject life into his underdog campaign. In 1992, Bill Clinton disregarded conventional wisdom and … Read More

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