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Fault Lines

Donald Trump held a press conference on Thursday in which his familiar brand of narcissism clashed dramatically with the familiar setting of the East Room. In a rambling diatribe against reporters that lasted well over an hour, Trump displayed the same talent for channeling grievance that propelled him to the Republican nomination. He claimed credit for unspecified accomplishments, denied his White House is in … Read More

Prove You’re Not A Fraud

We awoke this morning to a new campaign reality. The elite media are calling Donald Trump a liar: “Donald Trump Clung to ‘Birther’ Lie for Years, and Still Isn’t Apologetic” – New York Times “Trump Admits Obama Was Born In US, But Falsely Blames Clinton For Rumors” – Washington Post “We just got played.” – John King on CNN For the first time in … Read More

The Circular Reasoning of Conventional Wisdom

If you’ve been following mainstream election coverage during the current slog phase of the campaign and it doesn’t seem to make much sense, then you’ve been paying attention. On the Democratic side, we are told Bernie Sanders faces a must-win election today in Wisconsin, without which he would have no chance of winning a nomination that’s already out of his reach. On the Republican side, … Read More