Hillary Feels the Bern

Less than two weeks ago we said things seemed to be coming together for Democrats after a bruising and passionate primary campaign, except Bernie Sanders continued to withhold his endorsement of Hillary Clinton as his surrogates negotiated the terms of the Democratic platform. Today, at a joint appearance in New Hampshire, Hillary got her endorsement: Together we have begun a political … Read More

As Cleveland Approaches, Uncertainty Abounds

How do you hold a national convention when you are about to nominate someone who is running a product placement scam rather than actually running for president? We’re about to find out. During these final days before Republicans (or at least those Republicans willing to be seen in public with Donald Trump) gather in Cleveland, the most noteworthy thing about the … Read More

Coming Apart

Let’s start with a simple premise: the Trump campaign is not about running for president. It is about product placement. With the eyes of the world on Great Britain as it voted on one of the most consequential matters in recent memory, Donald Trump positioned himself at one of his golf properties in Scotland, not to comment on Brexit but to … Read More

Coming Together

The bad news for Hillary: It’s almost July and Bernie Sanders still refuses to endorse her. He’s admitted he will vote for her to keep Donald Trump out of the White House, but that’s as far as he has been willing to go as he negotiates with the Clinton campaign over the language of the Democratic platform. But that’s the … Read More

Where Things Stand: Summer Solstice Edition

Periodically I like to take a comparative look at the nomination process, and with summer here and the conventions still several weeks away this seems like a good time to take the temperature of the Democratic and Republican campaigns. Besides, I promised last Sunday that I would. Right now the campaigns are in a silent phase between the whirlwind primary season and the formal nomination … Read More

UK vs. US

I have been asked by a couple of readers to comment on whether this week’s Brexit vote foreshadows the outcome of the American presidential election. After all, there are nontrivial similarities between forces in the UK driving the decision to exit the European Union and the dynamics of a presidential contest where Donald Trump has emerged as the presumptive Republican nominee—including … Read More

Five Excruciating Steps to Republican Renewal (long version)

For readers who requested this in one (very long) post, here is a lightly edited version of my recommendation for how the Republican Party might approach this election cycle. It’s hard to count the number of people who have asked me whether the Republican Party can survive this election. And while I have been tempted at times to draw comparisons to the … Read More

Now Available: “Next Generation Netroots” at a 33% Discount

If you are enjoying the commentary on Wolves and Sheep, I invite you to check out my new book Next Generation Netroots: Realignment and the Rise of the Internet Left, co-authored with Chris Bowers of Daily Kos and just published by Routledge. The book explores the ascendency of the online progressive movement in the social media age and its contribution to today’s unstable politics. You … Read More

Step #5: Repudiate Trump

Here are some of the things Republican supporters have said about Donald Trump, courtesy of Talking Points Memo: “Well, look, I’m a Republican, I’m on the ballot in November. I support the Republican nominee for president. It’s pretty much that simple.” (OK Rep. Tom Cole) “Do I think that he will modify his positions or maybe explain them more completely? Yes, I … Read More

Step #4: Embrace the Wilderness

I have said elsewhere that radicalization of a portion of the Republican base has created a de facto reactionary party within the shell of what once was a center-right conservative party. The differences between reactionaries and conservatives are profound and explain why there is no common ground between them. Conservatives temperamentally and doctrinally seek to put the brakes on government. Reactionaries want to shut it down … Read More

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