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Normalcy vs. Urgency

Biden needs to restore a sense of normalcy for his administration to be successful. But he needs the urgency of a crisis to achieve the policies that will get him there.

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Democracy Checklist

The insurrection has faded from the headlines but a significant threat to democracy remains. Here’s what Joe Biden and congressional Democrats can do about it.

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The Road Divides

After an aborted rebellion and Joe Biden’s elevation to the presidency, the country faces a stark choice between two opposite futures.

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Paradigm Shift

Joe Biden wants to move the governing paradigm permanently to the left. Political conditions may make that possible.

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We are about to face the most consequential confrontation of the post-Trump era, with democracy hanging in the balance.

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Same Play, Different Era

Unified Republican opposition failed to stop the massive Covid relief bill and will not generate the political benefits of similar past efforts.

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