The Big Showdown

Big money often wins. Biden is betting that it won’t this time.

A New Governing Paradigm

Even if Democrats can’t come together on the details of an infrastructure plan, what happened in the Senate last week was historic.

Democracy Report Card: June 2021

The Biden administration faces a series of interdependent challenges to restore democratic norms and institutions. How are they doing?

Just How Lopsided Is The Senate?

When you design an institution to represent states instead of people you get inequities that are hard to defend. So why would anyone think that allowing forty-one senators to block legislation is a way to promote bipartisanship?

Is This One Different?

It’s insanity to think the Republican filibuster of an investigation into the January 6 insurrection will be different from any other Republican filibuster. Or is it?

Normalcy vs. Urgency

Biden needs to restore a sense of normalcy for his administration to be successful. But he needs the urgency of a crisis to achieve the policies that will get him there.

Democracy Checklist

The insurrection has faded from the headlines but a significant threat to democracy remains. Here’s what Joe Biden and congressional Democrats can do about it.


We are about to face the most consequential confrontation of the post-Trump era, with democracy hanging in the balance.

Situation Comity

Ronald Reagan and Tip'Oneill

Biden is defining the terms of unity in Washington. That’s different — and significant.

First Draft of History

I started writing about the Georgia runoff and electoral vote certification three days ago for a piece I had planned to post on Thursday. Then the Capitol was attacked by right-wing insurrectionists at the direction of the president and it suddenly felt quaint to be talking about an election. As I was re-writing, the fallout […]