Democracy Report Card: June 2021

The Biden administration faces a series of interdependent challenges to restore democratic norms and institutions. How are they doing?

Just How Lopsided Is The Senate?

When you design an institution to represent states instead of people you get inequities that are hard to defend. So why would anyone think that allowing forty-one senators to block legislation is a way to promote bipartisanship?

Is This One Different?

It’s insanity to think the Republican filibuster of an investigation into the January 6 insurrection will be different from any other Republican filibuster. Or is it?

The Promise and the Lie

Liz Cheney was bounced from leadership because she was a constant reminder that the core promise of the Republican Party can only exist in fantasy.

Democracy Checklist

The insurrection has faded from the headlines but a significant threat to democracy remains. Here’s what Joe Biden and congressional Democrats can do about it.


We are about to face the most consequential confrontation of the post-Trump era, with democracy hanging in the balance.

Same Play, Different Era

Unified Republican opposition failed to stop the massive Covid relief bill and will not generate the political benefits of similar past efforts.

Undermine Becomes Overthrow

A little history on how we arrived at the brink of a violent overthrow of a duly elected government.  At the start of what would come to be known as the Reagan era, Republicans had an electoral majority that developed out of a long stretch of economic stagnation and white pushback to the civil rights […]